Munnar tourist attractions

Munnar tourist attractions

There are a myriad of activities and sights to experience in this beautiful hill station, from massive tea plantations to National Parks to amazing Ayurvedic Spas.

Munnar has an abundance of natural attractions, historical landmarks and museums.  From waterfalls to lakes, lush parks to tea gardens, trekking trails to water sports, Munnar has it all.

       Munnar hill station sightseeing Destination From kottayam

Located an hour away from the main city, the Kundala Dam Lake, is among the major tourist attractions of Munnar. The picturesque site is ideal for nature lovers and photographers.  Kundala Dam

Located amidst verdant hills and lush green forests, the Atukkal Waterfall in Munnar is a stunning cascade, ideal for a nice picnic under the sun. This is also a site for adventure excursions like trekking and hiking.

The Lakkam Waterfalls, Thoovanam Falls, Pallivasal Falls and Nyayamkadu Falls are other gorgeous cascades in Munnar. Munnar 


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